When you apply animatronics to realistic characters as well as fantastic creatures you can bring the cinematographic illusion to the next level, by adding movement in space to all types of realistic and fantastic creation.
In the animatronics, the work is developed in two parts that combine perfectly: the aesthetic and realism of the outer skin with internal mechanic that reproduces perfectly the natural movement.
Wires, radio commands, Arduino, movement sensors and air pressure systems are few of the techniques that are the base of marvelous creature’s movements.
In this discipline, the Factory deploys its best experts in mechanics, electronics, robotics and computer technology, together with its artisan sculptors, painters and special makeup artists, giving life to special creations that can trick the eye and mind of the viewer.

In respect to the privacy and professional reserve towards our clients, the following images in display come from our data bank and must be viewed as a simple selection that represents our artists’ talent; it can therefore result in being in some cases dated and limited.

Under a specific request, we can provide with wider and/or more specific selections concerning the type of  animatronic intervention.

All images and data found here come from Baburka Production’s and Leonardo Cruciano’s portfolios.