The special prop making section includes all the reproductions of realistic and invented objects with particular physical characteristics that differ for reality.
These are set props that are engineered to safeguard the actors and stunt actors safety, like weapons, sharp objects, glass, or heavy materials like bricks, iron and rocks; often in soft and light versions.
In this category we also put the break-aways, which are easily breakable objects like fake vases or realistic reproductions of animals, food mockups that allow for repeating scenes in safety.

In respect to the privacy and professional reserve towards our clients, the following images in display come from our data bank and must be viewed as a simple selection that represents our artists’ talent; it can therefore result in being in some cases dated and limited.
Under a specific request, we can provide with wider and/or more specific selections concerning the type of  props making intervention.

All images and data found here come from Baburka Production’s