Tricking the human eye, even when filtered by the camera, is the goal of the hyperrealism makeup and reproductions. Very defined and chiseled creations that reproduce perfectly the model uniting the work of sculptors, makeup artists, hair stylists with new technologies as the 3D scanning and the 3D printing.

The Factory is always in search for new technologies and their latest developments to make its works more and more perfect.For all that is Cinema, show business, fashion and contemporary art related, this discipline is versatile and applicable for any sector.

In respect to the privacy and professional reserve towards our clients, the following images in display come from our data bank and must be viewed as a simple selection that represents our artists’ talent; it can therefore result in being in some cases dated and limited.

Under a specific request, we can provide with wider and/or more specific selections concerning the type of makeup intervention.

All images and data found here come from Baburka Production’s