In questa sezione andiamo a presentare il team che rende possibile l’impossibile per conoscere meglio la nostra formazione sempre in crescita.

Leonardo Cruciano

Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Character Fx Creator and Visual IFX Supervisor and supervisor of the Baburka Production Factory Fx. Already Art Director and founder of the famous Makinarium SFX he’s been working in the cinema industry for over 20 years, integrating visual effects with mechanical ones, creating creatures, special props, special makeups and animatronic wonders for cinema, television, the art world, fashion and show business in general.
In 2015 wins 2 David of Donatello (Italian Oscars) as concept creator and supervisor of the creatues and visual effects of “Il Racocnto dei Racconti” by M. Garrone, to which will follow the “Carlo Rambaldi Prize” and the “MAM” and the nomination to the 2019-20 Guild Awards” as Best Prosthetic Makeup for Micheal Bay’s “6 Undergrond”.
Thanks to his approach and the continuous research, he has collaborated with hundreds of movies, along side directors as: Riddley Scott, Hugh Hudson, Michael Apted, Michael Bay, George Clooney, Spike Lee, Robert Zemeckis, Paolo Sorrentino, Claire McCarth, Niccolò Ammaniti, Timur Beckmambetov, Andrej Končalovskij, Vlad Marsavin and partecipating to projects such as “Tomb Raider”, “Ben Hur”,“Zoolander 2”, “Wonderwell”, “All the money of the World”, “Hallucinaut”, “Dampyr”, “Marie Magdalene”, “The Witches” and series like “Catch 22”, “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness”, “Domina”, “Anna”, “Rome”, “The Borgia”.
In the last years he has been collaborating with GUCCI’s Alessandro Michele for his performances and fashion shows, like “Fall Winter 2018”, the “MET-New York” of 2018 with Maurizio Cattelan and of 2019 with Jared Leto.
Among the expositions that have been showcasting his work in these years there are Videocittà “Aeffetti: Persona” at the Fori Imperiali in 2018, in 2019 “La Meccanica dei Mostri, da Rambaldi a Makinarium” at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

Giulia Giorgi

Active in independent cinema, Giulia ranges from SFX make-up artist to extreme hair styling creator. Co-founder and president of Baburka Production, founder of the section Factory, co-founder of the Category Association EffectUs, and coordinator of the independent network The Independent Cartel. She’s credited as SFX designer in “The Prophan Exhibit”, “Deadblood”, “Ebola”, “Rimbalzello”, “Bad Blood”, “Nove Lune e Mezza”, “Go Home”, “The Happiest Boy in the World” and as Makeup and Hair designer for the Sky Art series “Lost Paintings”. She has also worked as Special Fx Technitian for the episode “Amor Vincit Omnia” of the Netflix series “Sense8” and hair stylist for the series Domina and Jack Ryan 3. She has also been the makeup and wig designer for Cats the Musical, the steampunk version of Operà Populaire.

Alessandro Catalano

Alessandro Discovers his passion for manual modeling, special makeup and prop making by accident. He starts self thought in 2008 and starts his working experience, that allows him to build up his skills in several shops, until 2016, when he arrives to Makinarium, becoming lab supervisor and collaborating on innumerable national and international projects.


Fosca Giulia Tempera

Fosca has always been engaged in the show business world, and starts to professionally work in it as a makeup artist in 2013, after obtaining the degree at Rome’s Makeup Academy; thanks to David Bracci’s teachings she starts to grow a passion for special effects, which will continue to grow inside Baburka’s shop: from sculpting to silicone prosthetic creation, till wig knotting and in general wig creations. She can be a 360 degree range worker on set, covering makeup and hair in one, and as an active member of the Baburka Production she also carries on several projects among which the EffetUs Event and the selection of standard prosthetic and rent by the Factory called Baburka Cinema Crafts.


Jorge Poza

Poza’s professional career develops in the world of Fx makeup, as a sculptor, moul maker, and makeup set working as a freelancer for different studios throughout Europe. Likewise, for 15 years he has combined the profession with the exercise of teaching staff in different academies, as well as a collaborative professor at the Centro de Tecnologia del Espectaculo de Madrid.

Vito Sabini

Sculptor and prop-maker, after his artistic studies he starts working as sculptor for public and private clients, integrating his art with foundries experiences and in the techniques of marble. From 2008 he moves to Rome starting to work in the SFX field with the “Leonardo Cruciano workshop” and successively with Makinarium Sfx as sculptor, modeler and pro-maker.

Ilaria Passabì

After her formation in the artistic and architectonic fields, she starts dedicating to set design, creating small preparations and props for the theater, for about a yea she works as sculptor creating signs and setting up clubs and malls for events. Form 2016 she starts her career in special effects working for Makinarium where she has the chance to develop her skills, especially as mold maker and prop maker and, more recently, to deepen the study on the special makeup.

Matteo De Gregori

Origami enthusiast, mask maker and performer, he has always liked to amaze with his creations. After a final year dissertation on the Future of Practical Effects, he has studied at Gorton Studio in 2016 and started working with Makinarium the same year. He has worked there as SFX producer as well as head of animatronic and 3D printing departments for some years. Apart form the many movies that he worked on through the lab, he has contributed greatly to the creation on the creatures for “Mollami” (M. Gentiloni) and “Shortcut” (A. Liguori). He now runs his own lab where, between a production and the other, can also develop personal projects.

Hicham Mouhim

Multi talented artisan, he can work anything from polystyrene to wood to iron, passing through tailoring. Every project hides a new technique to master. He as worked as prop maker for several independent movie projects and music videos, as set dresser for events and clubs and is a long time active member of Baburka Production.

Ina Chochol

Passionate, experienced Polish-born SFX makeup artist, living and working in Germany. In addition to her many years of work for television and movies, she specialized in silicone and masters the whole process of creating prosthetics, body parts and whole bodies. Her work for television focuses on character design and the alienation of natural persons as well as the transformation into historical characters.

Pietro Tamaro

After a degree in cinema at the DAMS in Bologna in 2008, he moves to Rome where he starts to make his first experiences in independent cinema. After having worked in the production and direction departments of independent movies and music videos for several years, in 2013 he starts Baburka Production with Giulia Giorgi and other associates. In 2015 he shoots his first movie as director, Fratelli di Sangue, for KC Film; then in the years he follows his career as first Ad and production delegate for movies and TV series. In the meantime he administers Baburka production where he also works as producer for Baburka Production Factory projects.

The new generation

Camilla Masci

Michela Pezzarossa