2M on the Rocks is a company born by the work experience accumulated in the cinema and commercial business by Matteo De Angelis (DOP) and Marco Benedetti (Ronin and Steady Operator). With a wide variety of technical material at their disposal, among which a Red Epic – W Gemini 5K, a DJI Ronin and much more, it’s an ideal partner in terms of project development, production and post-production.

Mail: admin@2montherocks.com

Films Beldi is a young Moroccan production company, founded with the aim of approaching to the world of movie productions in an alternative way, in order to promote and develop the potential and creativity of young authors and professionals. Films Beldi leans on a vast group of collaborators and artists that cover all departments from pre to post-production, allowing the company to offer services that go from the creation and development of a subject, to the executive production, the founding research and the post production.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FilmsBeldi
Mail: filmsbeldi@gmail.com
Instagram : /Filmsbeldi

Saffron Film Production is a young production company from Marocco. From the concept creation to the final project, its works go from documentaries to fiction and commercial spots. Thanks to its creative team and its technical staff, it covers all of its clients’ needs through all the production stages. Saffron is also specialized in the relationship with important international sponsors.

Website: http://www.saffronfilm.com
Instagram: /saffronfilmprod
Facebook: /SaffronFilmProduction
Mail: saffronfilmprod@gmail.com

Bright Frame is the production company founded by Ognjen Dizdarevic and Luca Emiliano Pancaldi. The two professional have been active in the production world for years now, and they have decided to unite in 2015 to give life to their company, which deals the realization of short and long-featured movies, documentaries and company videos.

Il Gigante is a movie production cooperative, specialized in the production of fiction and documentaries with a high level of social attention. It supports brave works and authors that want to propose new thoughts and images on reality and humanity in general.

Website: http://www.ilgigantecinema.com/
Facebook: /IlGigante.produzioni

Studio Laboratorio 51 is a lab of masks, mascots, props, cinematographic replicas and objects directed by Tiziano Morelli, active in the cinema business for over 10 years now.

Website: http://www.studiolaboratorio51.com/
Facebook: /studio.laboratorio51

Culturmedia is the section that deals in Culture, Tourism and Communication of Legacoop (national association of Italian cooperatives). Instituted in 2017, as new category association, Culturmedia wants to valorize and give voice to all the cooperative experiences that operate in the fields of Culture, Show business and the various subgenres of Tourism and the areas of communication and information.

Website: http://culturmedia.legacoop.coop/

Pathos Distribution‘s mission is to spread short films in festivals and on TV. Attention to individual works is the priority, the strengths of each short film are analyzed and the company proposes a path of national and international festivals to enhance the product. Submissions, relations with festivals, creation of promotional material and TV sales are among the
services offered. The products in the catalog are carefully selected, a choice that allows the company the utmost commitment in enhancing a short film, customizing its distribution path.

Website: http://pathosdistribution.com/ 
Instagram: /pathosdistribution/
Facebook: /pathosdistribution
Youtube: Link al Canale
Vimeo: /pathosdistribution
Mail: pathosdistribution@gmail.com