The executive production service is for all those that have a project, a budget, but still don’t have all or part of the professional needed to start shooting. Baburka offers the chance to use its professionals and spaces for: Quotations and pre budgeting; Organization; Location scouting; Casting

In addition, if a project is presented without the necessary budget for its production, but is still considered valid, Baburka reserves the possibility to offer a co-production agreement to the proposing parties. Our company does not, however, offer a budget procurement service, so we cannot take into consideration projects that don’t have an initial allocated budget.

Crew service is probably on of the strong suits of Baburka Production. Thanks to the net that has been developed in these years, Baburka can count on a great number of professionals from all the production departments. The right crew can make the difference. Having or not a complete and close-knit team, especially in difficult situations, can mean the project’s success or failure.

The Crew Service can be complete (for the entire troupe) or specific for single departments: Directing department (director, first assistant director, continuity ect.); Cinematography; Camera and Light department; Set design; Costume; Makeup and Hair; Makeup Special FX; Sound.