The executive production service is for all those that have a project, a budget, but still don’t have all or part of the professional needed to start shooting. Baburka offers the chance to use its professionals and spaces for: Quotations and pre budgeting; Organization; Location scouting; Casting

In addition, if a project is presented without the necessary budget for its production, but is still considered valid, Baburka reserves the possibility to offer a co-production agreement to the proposing parties. Our company does not, however, offer a budget procurement service, so we cannot take into consideration projects that don’t have an initial allocated budget.

Crew service is probably on of the strong suits of Baburka Production. Thanks to the net that has been developed in these years, Baburka can count on a great number of professionals from all the production departments. The right crew can make the difference. Having or not a complete and close-knit team, especially in difficult situations, can mean the project’s success or failure.

The Crew Service can be complete (for the entire troupe) or specific for single departments: Directing department (director, first assistant director, continuity ect.); Cinematography; Camera and Light department; Set design; Costume; Makeup and Hair; Makeup Special FX; Sound.

Following are insights on the main in house artist services

Baburka Production’s team is multitasking, its members are skilled to cover the various disciplines that are necessary on set in an interchangeable way. The world of independent cinema has allowed the members of this team to work at high production standards while keeping an eye on an optimal budget and resource management and still obtain top quality results. The formula that Baburka offers sees integrated professional figures that can cover simultaneous makeup, hair styling and special Fx. This gives an overall control on a unified vision and development of an artistically coherent character, but also of the schedule and the realization costs.
Following are the main services we offer:

MAKEUP that goes for classic beauty makeup, cinema and theatrical characterizations, makeup for Tv programs, period makeup, wedding makeup and everything from photo shootings to catwalks. Our team, more than prepared for any type of need, can also count on Baburka Factory FX  for any special makeup implementation.

Beauty and Fashion

Cinema Makeup

Theatre and Musical

HAIR STYLING for cinema, fashion shows and events of all types, classic and modern hairstyles, extreme hairstyles, avangarde, artistic concept developments, designs and wig styling, standard wig adaptations and hairpieces creation (beards, mustaches, eyebrows, side brows, toupés etc.)
The used materials go from real hair to high quality synthetic, taking in consideration the artistic and financial perks of each project.
Our team is also among the few in Italy that has specialized in Afro hairstyles, along with dreadlock creation, both with real and synthetic hair, for hairpieces and wigs.


The development of traditional makeup techniques, integrated with classic pictorial techniques and the threedimensional aspect of makeup special Fx, have demonstrated to be an excellent mix for shows, performances and artistic installations. This service is dedicated mainly to the development of artistic and commercial projects, and includes body-painting for events and ads, as well as face-painting and belly-painting for personal shootings.

Our team is specialized in creating, modifying and researching costumes for any request, starting from the character sketch, to the final outfit realization and the adaptment and modification of existing costumes.
We have a profound knowledge and interest for fashion and costume history, for design, trends and new materials. The cultural background and the experience on the field are the key of our work, which allows us to create costumes perfectly fitted for the characters and the production’s general mood, respecting the director’s needs, the production value and also the budget. Baburka’s inventive and problem solving skills, the competence and interchangeable roles, the ability to work under pressure and in every situation, make every new work a great experience for growth and skill sharing.

Our background has been formed through years of experience in theater, Tv, cinema and photography. We understand the specific dynamics of each sector, and can guarantee our professionalism in all situations. We supply our clients with services of styling, costume design, costume assistance and supervision and style consulting, not to mention our shop in which we can create or from which we can rent all that is necessary so that a project can become reality.
In our lab we also offer the chance to participate or even organize themed workshops.

Welcome to Burlesque - the musical

Since Baburka Production gathers all types of show business professionals, we can offer a set design service that includes single professionals, set dressing, build ups, stagings an more, both for cinema and theater. We also offer consulting for quick realization and strong impact ideas for ads and music videos.
Among the staging and dressing services the team also offers ones dedicated to clubs, themed events and inaugurations, with the same professionalism reserved to cinema. Some of our preparations have seen us operate with the most important clubs in Rome, such as Piper and the Qube.

Baburka’s spaces are in fact formed by different multi-functional shareable sections, following the spirit of support to companies that share our ideals, which are available for internal projects and for third party ones.

  • Photographic backdrop 3.9 m wide for 4.2 m high
  • 40 square meters of multi-functional space (for casting, rehearsals, workshops etc.)
  • Changing room for makeup, hair styling and costume tests
  • Post production station.

Moreover, during the years, the high specialization in the makeup, Sfx and costume departments, has allowed us to put together a series of facilities for these sectors such as:

  • Makeup stations and mirrors for rent
  • Costume rent
  • Special props rent

Aerial footage with ENAC certified vehicles for Critical Specialized Operations and highly qualified personnel, our team provides its customers with the experience gained over the years on film, advertising and television sets, in Italy and around the world.
Thanks to the knowledge of the processes on the set, we can guarantee results of great impact and excellent quality, in every shooting situation, having full awareness of the possibilities and limitations of the equipment used.

Depending on the type of aerial shots and customer needs, we have the following SAPRs for any type of activity:

• Cinestar and Matrice
Possibility of flying rooms of the Red Epic category, C300.
Remote fires and full HD video transmission to the ground complete
the already excellent flight equipment.

• Inspire 2 X7
Super 35mm latest generation processor and 6k resolution
in CinemaDNG RAW, 5.2K Apple ProRes, with a dynamic range of 14 stops,
a bitrate that can go up to 4.70 Gbps.
Our vehicle is equipped with a park of lenses, DL-S 16mm f2.8, DL 24mm f2.8, DL 35mm f2.8, DL 50mm f2.8.
Along with this medium, we also use follow focus.

• Phantom 4 Pro
With a 4k camera and a 2-inch sensor, the powerful and small drone has reduced costs, while maintaining high video quality.

Thanks to its speed and precision, with movements similar to those of a bird it is possible to create more dynamic and immersive images.

By maintaining the speed and accuracy of the DJI FPV, this drone allows us to fly in conditions of heavy rain and strong wind.