Set during the ISIS occupation of the north of Iraq, it focuses on an Iraqi Christian family forced to pay  the “jiza”, the tax for non-Muslim people instituted in the territories conquered by the Caliphate.

The family comes up with a plan to protect their only daughter, who risks, like many other women before her, to be kidnapped by ISIS soldiers.

Sadly their “perfect” plan ends up causing more tragic consequences then the ones they feared.

‘Abraham’ is the third short movie written and directed by Alì Kareem. Baburka Production, for the first time, produces the young Iraqi director completely, after taking care of the post-production and distribution of his two previous works. The director, talking about the movie, says: “I found myself forced to shoot this work far from Iraq, since speaking directly about ISIS and of its effect on the controlled territory was risky in the country. Thanks to Baburka I managed to bring out events, often forgotten in the larger picture of war, that are nevertheless important to remember”.

The Director

Ali Kareem Abaid (1984) studied at the University of Baghdad and later moved to Berlin, where he lives to this day. His first short movie, ‘Hassan in Wonderland’, has been screened in 40 different international festivals, including the Dubai Film Festival, the same in which ‘Abraham’ has premiered in 2016.

Festival screenings

Peoples and Religions – Terni Film Festival GRAND JURY PRIZE (2017, Italy)
Medina del Campo Film Festival BEST SHORT FILM (2018, Spain)
Cap Spartel film Festival GRAND JURY PRIZE (2018, Morocco)
Fabriano Film Festival SPECIAL MENTION (2018, Italy)
Festival Djerissa BEST SHORT FILM (2018, Tunisia)
SETEM Akademi B.A.K Kisa Film Yarismasi ve Uluslararasi Ipekyolu Film Festival BEST SHORT FILM (2017, Turkey)

Oscar Qualifying Festivals
OFF – Odense Film Festival (2017, Denmark)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (2018, Japan)
Interfilm – International Short Film Festival Berlin (2017, Germany)


Tehran Film Festival (2017, Iran)
Dubai Film Festival (2017, Dubai)
Arab American National Museum (2017, Michigan USA)
Rome independent Film festival (2017, Italy)
Malmö Arab Film Festival (2017, Sweden)
Cyprus International film festival (2017, Cyprus)
Slemani International Film Festival (2017, Iraq)
Seoul International Extreme- short Image & Film Festival (2017, Korea)
Arab Film Festival Los Angeles & San Fransisco (2017, USA)
MESA Film Fest (2017, USA Arizona)
Arab Film Festival Rotterdam (2017, Holland)
Best Mini Film Festival (2017)
*Khartoum International film festival (2017, Sudan)
Filmlab Palestine international film festival
Gothenburg Arab Film Days (2017, Sweden)
Arab Film Festival Stockholm (2017, Sweden)
Mesopotamia film festival (2017, Holland)
Cefalu Film Festival (2018, Italy)
Short of the year Film Festival (2018, Spain)
San Marino Film Festival (2018, San Marino)
Youngabout Film Festival (2018, Italy)
Prato International Film Festival (2018, Italy)
Qumara Film Festival (2108, Iraq)
Festival of Short Films on Culture & Tourism (2018, India)
Red Carpet Film Festival (2018, Barhain)
Giovani e Cinema (2018, Italy)
Cinemi Cinema international short film Festival (2018, Italy)
Corti da Sogni – Antonio Ricci Film Festival (2018, Italy)
Umea Arab Film Festival (2018, Sweden)
Weiterstadt open Air film Festival (2018, Germany)
Karama beirut human rights film festival (2018, Lebanon)
Elia Short Film Festival (2018, Jerusalem)
Emirates Short Film Festival (2019, EUA)

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