Shot during the international project “Hip Hop Smash the Wall”, organized by Assopace Palestina, that has brought together various Italian hip-hop artists with a group of artists that, even if not necessarily world famous, are anyway active members of the Palestinian hip-hop community, dedicated to its growth and expansion. The documentary has offered them a chance to get their voice heard from behind the walls, both physical and mental, which are forced around them.

The camera operator’s eye has followed the entire project’s development, often loosing itself in the wonderful sights of this wounded land. Even if, still, the true protagonists are them: the young artists, brave enough to defy every institution, even their own establishment’s, convinced and sure of their cause’s justice. Thanks to the documentary we can see how these young boys and girls have integrated their own culture with an universal language, too often confused with the so called Americanization. This doesn’t just make their message of resistance more accessible to the world’s youth, it also allows them to interface more easily with their occidental coevals. And it’s this moment of meeting, this finding one another and feeling close disregarding the kilometers and the different origins, that has made this event, and the documentary that is its direct testimony, precious and touching.

The project, which lasted really too little, demonstrates how hip hop can act as an incredible transnational culture, that allows to tear down various walls. Thanks to the tremendous work of the camera operator  Thomas Siemieniec (aka Tomson) and of director Giulia Giorgi (aka Chimp), the film manages to capture the participants’ impressions in real time, collecting important testimonies, not just concerning hip hop, but also the lives of the Palestinian members of this community.

This is also evident from the ten tracks of the record that has been realized by Italian and Palestinian rappers, as part of the project, which is also the documentary’s original score.

For the Italian participants has been an incredible moment of growth, not only for the direct contact with the Palestinian reality, but also for the creative exchange with the local artists and for the inputs that have been created for future collaborations.

The participants

For the rap section, there were the Italians Coez, Kento, Lucci and Prisma together with Anan Ksym and other promising Palestinian MCs – Al Basha and Hadi – followed by UG Records and the label Mazaj Production, founded both by Anan himself in Nazareth. There were also Achelous, MC and beat maker from Ramallah, and the guys from the Sound World crew from the Askar Refugee Camp. For the breakdance section there were the Italians Xedo, Telemare and Chimp, teamed up with the Palestinians b-boys from Nablus – Ameer, Abood, Yusef, Mohameed, Ibrahem, Almad and three very young members of the Dance Boys crew. The project’s goal was to bring together b-boys from over the entire Palestine, but for Camp Breakers (Gaza), it wasn’t possible to reach the West Bank, so they participated from their location through a video interaction during the performance that was realized by the other dancers at the Ramallah Cultural Palace.  Finally, for the graffiti section there was the Italian Gojo with the Palestinians Ahmad, from Askar Camp in Nablus, and Hamza from Ramallah.

Festivals and Screenings

Nazra- Palestine Short Film Festival- Firenze BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY (2017 Italy)
Audio Shoot International: Music Video & Film – BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY (2019, Ireland)
Golden sneaker international Hip Hop Film Festival – PEACE AWARD (2019, Germany)
The notorious IBE, Heerlen (2015, Netherlands)
Destinazione Sud Festival – Radicondoli (2016, Italy)
Communia,  Roma (2016, Italy)
Muri Puliti popoli Muti: dalle tag alla street art by Scup, Rome (2016, Italy)
Liquido, Hendoven (2016 – Netherland)
Università degli Studi Orientali La Sapienza of Rome (2017, Italy)
Csoa Il cantiere, Milano (2016, Italy)
Ismailia International Film Festival (2017 Egypt)
Matemù Roma (2017 and 2020- Italy)
Così Lontano Così Vicino- Maxxi Roma (2017, Italy)
Grosseto Street (2019, Italy)
Intimamente/intimatelens film festival (2019; Italy)
Shots: iternational indipendet international film festival (2019, Slovenia)
Mind the indie film festival – (2019, Bulgaria)
Tyro International Film Festival 2019, Libanon)
Snatch Club – screening (2020, Italy)
Hip Hop diffusion day (Grosseto Italy , 2019)

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