Every day Asaad sits on the balcony of his apartment. From the center of Baghdad, he watches life under the occupation of the north west regions of Iraq by ISIS. Through his binoculars he sees the explosions’ smoke that scar the city. As the ISIS forces get nearer, Asaad’s psychology deteriorates, he can’t get out of the apartment, it’s been over a year now, since his wife died form a car-bomb. His state of mind has also an effect on his son, Fadi, that would like to go to school but is stopped by his father’s crippling fear. A family firend tries to convince Asaad to confront the reality of the situation, and especially, that it’s important for Fadi to go to school. Finally, Asaad, with a trick, will be forced to leave his refuge and face reality outside his door.

“CrISIS” is the second short-movie written and directed by Alì Kareem. Financed by the Dubai Film Festival, post-produced and distributed in Europe by Baburka Production, CrISIS represents an important passage in the trilogy dedicated to the war by Alì Kareem. The director says about his movie:

“I’m very interested in the psychological effect that a belligerent situation like the one in Iraq can cause on the population, through this short I’ve wanted to explore the effects of a continuous trauma like the one of the explosions in Baghdad on a single father.”

The Director

Ali Kareem Abaid (1984) studied at the University of Baghdad and later moved to Berlin, where he lives to this day. His first short movie, ‘Hassan in Wonderland’, has been screened in 40 different international festivals, including the Dubai Film Festival, the same that has then decided to co-produce his second work: “CrSISI” itself.

Festival screenings

Scottish Film Festival ( 2016 –  Scotland BEST SHORT DRAMA )
Headline Film Festival ( 2016 – USA MERIT AWARD )
Scottish Film and Art festival ( 2016 – Scotland PREMIERE)
Peoples and Religions Terni Film Festival ( Italy )
In/Out Video & Film Festival ( 2016 – USA )
Nassau Film Festival ( 2016 – USA )
Headline International Film Festival
Grand off – world independent film awards
Slemani Film Festival ( 2016 – Iraq )
MUKFF Film festival ( 2016 – Malmö )
Corto Dirico film festival ( 2016 – Ancona )
I Pas indented politic/Activism short film festival ( 2017 – Athens )
Salento Finibus Terrae Festival ( 2017 – Italy )
China Micro Film and Micro Video Decade Exhibition
AM Egypt Film Festival ( 2017 – Egypt )
MESA Film Fest ( 2017 –  Arizona USA  )
Asia Peace Film Festival ( 2017 – Pakistan )
Kinosmena short Film Festival ( 2017 – Belorussia )
Cefalù film Festival ( 2018 – Italy )

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