Dead Blood is Baburka’s horror project by default, started together with the company in 2012, to this day it has produced a short/teaser trailer, a screenplay for the first film by the same name, the plot for two sequels, four graphic novels edited by Noise Press and a paperback novel inspired by the first screenplay.

Imagined as a possible co-production between international and Italian crews, Dead Blood, written by Pietro Tamaro, Jacopo Santoro, Luca Frigerio and Greta Paola Gallone, is based on an original horror-fantasy universe set in our time, where two of the most dangerous species of the horror world fight for control over the earth: vampires and zombies. 

On one side, in fact, an internal war is consuming the 5 powerful vampire families, originated by one single ancestor who lived during Alexander the Great’s time. On the other, the zombies, which origins are a mystery that will be revealed only at the end of the first movie.  All happening under the firstly unaware eye of the humans, the food over which the two species fight.

The Short

Dead Blood: The Short Movie was conceived as a trailer for the feature film by the same name. The short’s plot tells about the first time the three worlds: vampire, zombies and humans get in contact. Seen through the eyes of a couple bearing child, the short end with the appearance of two mysterious characters, are they going to be saviors or only more foe from which to run?

Directed by Pietro Tamaro in 2012 at the CSOA Forte Prenestino in Rome, preceded the feature film’s screenplay development and is therefore non entirely able to represent the project at it’s full potential, nevertheless, working on the short was one of the things that helped form the Baburka Team that still resists to this day.

The book

The young writer Francesca Capone, instead brought the universe Dead Blood to the literary world with “Dead Blood – The Last Council” published by Scatole Parlanti, released in April 2018.

In the novel Princess Lidia is the last heir of the Lectores, the noble and influential vampire family led by Dylarius. During a 1920s-style party in a castle far from civilization, four Guardians of the ancient Order, including the valiant Janos, burst into the hall and convinced the girl to flee with them because a horde of zombies is already in the palace. Their mission is to save the noble vampire from the terrible monsters whose only goal is to kill and multiply by means of a strange bluish gangrene. After a long journey, Lidia will be escorted to Venice to participate, perhaps, in the last Council, in the presence of the Grand Master and all the most important members of the royal families. Finally, she will be the one to discover, thanks to her extraordinary powers, who is behind this perverse machine of death that sows horror everywhere. Only one thing is certain: the great battle for the conquest of total supremacy is only at the beginning.

The Comic

As said before, Dead Blood doesn’t stop at the movie world, but has followed a very successful path in the editorial world. Firstly with the publication of the series of short graphic novels , published by Noise Press; in this project, several drawers and writers where involved, each one free to explore the vast narrative universe created by the original writers; the result have been more then a dozen single stories streched in the entire arch of time from Alexander the Great to the near future,  and that represent fully how Dead Blood is a project that can be developed in an incredible number of ways.

Requiem 1

There are creatures that live in the night from time immemorial. Forged in the dream of greatness of Alexander the Great, they have dominated the world until today, guiding unsuspecting humans … but they too will soon experience fear! Fifty-two black and white pages of pure Horror make up the three stories present in each register, each of a different Team. Some stories will be self-conclusive, others will unfold over more numbers.

Title Artist Screen Play
REQUIEM 01 Massimiliano Veltri Massimiliano Grotti
LA FONTE DELLA VITA 01 David Ferracci & Gabriele Derosas Gianluca Manzo
A SANGUE FREDDO Luigi Criscuolo Francesco Polizzo

Requiem 2

Siro’s journey continues, in an Italy destroyed by the zombie apocalypse among old enemies and new one. At the same time the story of the First of the vampires in the time of Alexander the Great unfolds. The second issue of Dead Blood is even more horror and action masterfully enclosed in the double cover by Leonardo Colapietro.

Title Artist Screen Play
REQUIEM 02 Massimiliano Veltri Massimiliano Grotti
LA FONTE DELLA VITA 02 David Ferracci & Gabriele Derosas Gianluca Manzo
CLIMAX Veronica Frizzo Greta Paola Gallone

Requiem 3

Time passes slowly since Imperial Rome where secrets poison the world forcing the Guardians to intervene. The temporal leap we have in Poland in 1942 where, in addition to the horror of war, humanity is shaken by a question: are monsters vampires or Adam’s children? Too much time has passed since Siro experienced a moment of peace and tranquility, a moment that lasted too little between hordes of zombies and unmentionable secrets.

Title Artist Screen play
REQUIEM 03 Massimiliano Veltri Massimiliano Grotti
UBERMENSCH 01 Federico Sabbatini Valentina Marucci
GIOCHI DI OMBRE David Ferracci Gianfranco Calise

Requiem 4

Dead Blood 4, the latest issue of this miniseries, is entirely set in Europe; London, Warsaw and Paris are the stages of a journey that will take us to the darkest depths of the human soul. Among vampires, deadly substances and unnamed monsters perhaps the greatest dangers are always human beings and even the “kings” must fear the dark and the dead blood …

Title Artist Screen Play
PUNTURE E VELENI Riccardo Frezza Andrea Guglielmino
UBERMENSCH 02 Federico Sabbatini Valentina Marucci
TRY TO SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE Federico Toffano Fabrizio Capigatti

Festival Screenings

Dead Blood

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