Baburka Production feels very closely the issues of integration and inter-culture.

Cinema is an excellent tool to break down boundaries and stereotypes, and this is why the “geNEWration” project was born, a chiaroscuro portrait of the new generation of Italians, hence the title.

A story of everyday life that wants to show the fusion between the acquired “Romanity” and the awareness of its own origin, all seasoned with an irony that allows to break down stereotypes and prejudices often drawn by the “victim” itself.

In a social context where differences are often simple nuances, everyone’s stories are the outline of a much more complex and problematic reality, of which “geNEWration” wants us to face the taboos that limit us, to discover a new way to interpret our vision of what we call “different”.

In such a confused reality as ours, it is necessary to work to raise awareness more and more of the “understanding” of the other, aware that effort is needed on both sides. This project wants to be a rediscovery of ourselves as well as of the other, from whatever side we want to look at the issue, to better understand what brings us together and what differentiates us.


In 2010, he studied acting at the NUCT (International Film and Television School). During 2012/2013 he received several prizes and awards for his performance for “Babylon Fast Food” by Alessandro Valori. Also in 2012 he produced his first short film “geNEWration”. In 2013 he was testimonial for the Near & Unar Association (National Anti-Discrimination Office). In 2013 he founded the association “This is Rome” and is part of the originals of the “Baburka Production”. In 2014 he participates in the 4k video maker regional course. In 2015 he is one of the protagonists of the first web series focused on the “Welcome to Italy” integration.


Graduated from the DAMS in Bologna, he has worked in independent cinema in Rome since 2009 as an assistant director, screenwriter and co-author for several independent projects. We remember the direction of the short film “E intanto il mondo”, the co-direction of the project “GeNewration” and the teaser of “Deadblood”. In recent years, after having co-founded the “Baburka Production”, he works as assistant director for successful short films such as “The Land of the Defeated” by Maurizio Ravallese, “Abraham” by Alì Kareem, “Arianna” by David Ambrosini and for the feature film “Franky” by Joel Anitori and “Cattivo Sangue” by Simone Hebara (outgoing). As a member of the board of Baburka, in addition to dealing with the administrative management of the company, he mainly deals with the selection, development and management of internal and third-party projects, from writing to production on the set.

Festival Screenings

Winner of the special prize at Video Arte del Macro di Roma 2013
Selected at:
Festival Tulipani di Seta Nera, Rome 2013
Festival Pasinetti 2013 di Venezia, Venice
Cinemavvenire Video Festival , Rome 2013
As Film Festival, Rome 2013
Distributed in 1000 Italian schools by Feltrinelli and UNAR in a DVD on integration, 2013

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