This experimental video-project aims to be the physical interpretation by the WildUp Crew of the ” The Anti-sexist manifesto in Italian rap ” written by Wissal Houbabi.
Born from a need to express and affirm support for a common cause, the break dance crew made up entirely of women and the director herself has decided to make her voice heard through a combination of artistic disciplines linked by the hip hop filrouge: from the choreographic interpretation, to the shoots flavor, to the score.


This paper not intend to be an imposition or a tool of censorship / self-censorship but a starting point for a serious and deep discussion. We ask all the artists who recognize themselves in its values to sign it and make it run. To those who do not share its principles, however, we ask to explicitly take a stand and contribute to the discussion with own arguments. Certainly, from now on all the concerts and musical events that see us involved at any level will be even more careful and selective in refusing the participation of anyone, directly or indirectly, becomes the protagonist of sexist texts or practices.


We ask to who writes rap lyrics and to the rap listeners to admit that, together with extremely interesting positive values and infinite potentials, there is a serious problem of sexism within the rap scene, it is this (an) aestheticization that contributes in its own way, whether aware or not, the normalization and social acceptability of violence against women.

The commitment to formal anti-sexism

We ask anyone who subscribes to this manifesto not to produce or promote explicitly sexist texts, sexism and homophobia in Hip Hop spaces continue not to be controlled, it is no longer acceptable to justify them as an essential value component of this culture.

The commitment to substantial anti-sexism.

We ask anyone who subscribes to this manifesto not to produce or promote implicitly sexist texts, objectifying towards the woman and her body or in which a subordinate position of the female gender is taken for granted, texts that influence social models and the common mentality, outside and within Hip Hop contexts.

The right / duty to self-criticism

Anyone who has been a protagonist or promoter of sexist texts or behaviors in the past can and must become aware of the error and the consequences of such behaviors. Self-criticism is always allowed and healthy, without censorship and public trials. There are no rappers who have not regretted some of their songs, but it is unacceptable to continue to pretend nothing has happened and above all it is unforgivable to defend this attitude.
There is a twisted interpretation of what freedom of expression is, rap is a shared responsibility.

The awareness that man too is a victim of machismo

We ask to understand and admit that machismo and patriarchal culture also offend the male gender, it is not only a hierarchy between men and women, but also a hierarchy between the same men and, by extension, its artistic production. A text that alludes to superficial speeches, after all, requires neither intellect nor criticism on the part of those who receive it. It is natural for fans to perceive the most prominent rappers as a model to follow, the problem emerges when the seriousness of the accomplishments of a rapper is judged on the basis of his own success: the higher the latter, the more what he says or does is acceptable, acquiescing to the most vulgar contents and reinforcing the problem of misogyny and macho culture.

The debate

We ask artists and listeners to tackle the problem of sexism in all places – real and virtual – where music is made and music is discussed. Evolution is physiological but respect must not be lacking: respect for oneself, for people and for culture.

The promotion of anti-sexism

We ask the clubs, social centers, associations and realities that organize musical events to take a stand and promote by giving support to artists who have explicitly committed themselves against sexism.

The rap scene has never actually responded to criticism of sexism, has never taken a clear stand and now is the time to do so explicitly.

Manifesto per l’antisessismo nel rap italiano

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