Hidden by mountains of films of old films, the archivist Henri has found overwhelming evidence that the society is about to collapse. But will he be able to convince his customers of his discovery?

A film that plays with sound, space and time.

Palindrome is a filmic experiment with surround sound, located on the border between cinema, theater and installation. An essential part of the plot is transmitted through sound: Henri, Iris and John never appear on the screen, only their voices are heard. Surround sound is particularly used to give viewers the feeling that the characters sit among themselves in the audience: dialogues and sounds come not only from the front, but from all four walls of the cinema hall. In one scene you hear the whir of an old projector from the back wall, the whispers of guests coming from the center of the room and a curious monotone voice coming from the front.

Using experimental surround sound, Palindrome tries to create and encourage a new way of experiencing cinema: a new space cinema, in which fiction is not limited to the screen, but also includes the entire movie theater.

This film requires intensive use of Surround Sound, so it would be important to have a Surround 5.1 playback system. The concept of this film is a brief animation at the beginning. This animation is a real part of the film, but serves as an explanatory introduction to the jury watching this projection.


The Director

David Erik Ronner is a Swiss-Swedish filmmaker and composer based in Hamburg. He is currently studying fine arts at the “University of Fine Arts (HFBK).” He studied Theater Sciences in Gießen, working on several short films and film productions.

Festival screenings

Festival der Künste Bochum ( 2018 – Germany September 9 – Ruhr triennale )
Aphrodite Awards ( New York, United States –  Installation Official Selection)
The Next Level International Film Festival ( Sydney, Australia – Finalist)
Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival Elizabeth ( New Jersey, United States – Official Selection )
Sound screen Film Festival Ravenna ( 2018 – Italy September 22 – Official Selection )
Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival ( Vancouver, Canada – Official Selection )
International Shorts ( Melbourne, Australia – Semi Finalist)

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