THE INDEPENDENT CARTEL is an operational network of formal and informal working groups active in the independent movie industry born in 2017. It promotes the free sharing of knowledge and the mutual support between productions and departments between and within the same categories, focusing on analysis of key issues for the development of the indempendent industry such as production, distribution and new technologies applied to the optimization of the internal work of the departments.


The idea was born from a shared need to get to know each other, exchange ideas and solutions for that whole slice of “autonomous cinema industry”, which cannot rely on public funding and has too small company level to even be considered independent, yet it is a reality full of talents and active and self-sustainable ideas.

Cristina Festa, Elisabetta Badolisani and Giulia Giorgi are the founding coordinating team of the event to which has recently joined Valentina Guglielmo.

For 2020, the team is working on a triple meeting within the Hip Hop Cine Fest Rome

Links to reports to previous editions follow:

First meeting report:
Who we are and where we go

Report second meeting:
Independent Distribution Guide

Report third meeting:
Financing Welcome to the jungle

Video of the meeting:

Report fourth meeting:
App to you technologies at the service of cinema

Il team


After graduating in Economics and Social Sciences at the Free University of Bolzano, she moved to Rome where she graduated in Production at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
Here she began his experience on sets of short films, films and TV series covering various roles in the production department. She collaborated as assistant to the producer for the development of some documentaries and independent film and television projects. Since 2018 she is specialized in researching and managing locations by participating in various films and TV series in Rome and advertising spots in Milan. She is one of the founders of the “Il Cartello degli Indipendenti” movement and co-organizer of its events.



After graduating in Economics, she graduated in Production at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. She worked in the organization of film, television and advertising film sets; today she studies the industry. In 2019 she signs an intervention on the gender gap in the world of Italian film production on the “Gap & Ciak” research report of the IRPPS-CNR. Since 2017 she has been collaborating with the ANICA Strategic Planning Office, mainly on training initiatives. For various independent production companies, she develops strategies for the development and distribution of audiovisual products (short films, documentaries, series and TV formats). Since 2017 she has participated to the growing of the “Cartel of Independent” project, co-organizing the meetings.

Giulia Giorgi

Polyhedric personality artistically spans from special effects makeup, to Arabic calligraphy, to directing. Break dancer and member of the Wildup bgirl Crew has always been active in the promotion of hip hop culture at many levels through the organization of jams, events, debates, international projects and documentaries including: Bboy Event, Funky Afternoon and the project Hip Hop For Euromed. After making her first film as a dancer (Crew to Crew, Lionsgate/Pandora) she decided to venture into the behind-the-scenes world, approaching the makeup this way, motivated by the idea that union is the key to success, she founded Baburka Production, an independent film production cooperative, she is also one of the EffectUs founders, an Italian association of special makeup effects organizing the homonym cultural event. She is also the promoter of “The Cartel of the Independent”, a network of productions and department professionals in independent cinema, based on the reciprocal exchange of knowledge.