One summer day the filmmaker visits her grandmother Emilia in an apartment building in a suburb of Rome, where she lives together with her two sisters and one brother, all over ninety years old. Since their partners passed away, the four siblings are left alone with each other.
Rummaging through co-living situations and memories well kept, the family portrait also reveals the filmmaker’s search for clues as to how to live her own life, comparing two generations of women 70 years apart from each other.

As outsider from inside, the filmmaker documents a close-up of her own grandmother’s co-living situation as she rummages through memories well kept. An intimate portrait of a fading generation of 20th-century women, the film also reveals the filmmaker’s search for clues as to how to live her own life.

The Director

Born 1990, Lea Schlude grew up in Germany and Italy. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy, Arts and Media at the University of Hildesheim, Germany, and an M.A. in Philosophy at Free University Berlin. Her artistic practice is situated at the intersection of film and philosophy as she explores issues of place, memory and identity. The documentary “Via San Cipriano” about her Italian grandmother and her siblings is her debut feature-film.

Festival screenings

Olhares do Mediterraneo 2019, Portugal: Best feature documentary
Bellaria Film Festival, Italy: Special mention Doc Under 30 (Bei Young Doc)
Roma Cinema Doc 2019, Italy: Best Film &  Best National Documentary
Monte Faito Doc Festival 2019, Italy
Ierapetra Doc Festival 2019, Greece
Docfeed Film Festival 2019, Netherlands
DEA Film Festival 2019, Albania
Mediterrean Film Festival Cannes 2019, France
Beirut International Women Film Festival 2019, Lebanon
FICLaPaz Film Festival 2019, Bolivi

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