For all those that have an idea but need a professional touch in the script writing development, to
adapt it at best to the video format in which it will transform: movies, shorts, documentaries, music videos. The service can go from a simple revision, to the creation of a final script starting from the initial concept development. Moreover, thanks to our many collaborators, it’s possible to have this service in several languages.

  • Concept creation
  • Concept development
  • Editing
  • Book adaptation
  • Character creation
  • Translation and editing in and to english language
  • Translation and subtitles in:
    • english
    • french
    • arab
    • spanish
    • portuguese
(NB. external collaborators available for any language)


For all those that have an advanced screenplay but need a revision and/or an external look, both for
critical and technical editing.

  • Grammatical editing
  • Content analysis
  • Formatting
  • Re-writing


During the years Baburka Production has built a very wide database of actors of any type, we can therefore offer a classic casting service or the so-called “street casting” service, for any kind of project: ads, music videos, cinema and theater.